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No Oxford Hephzibah meeting in July 2021.





Subject: "The Great Reset, AN UPDATE in the Light of Bible Prophecy"

Keith Malcomson (Meeting on ZOOM? TBA)

Friday, 6th August 2021 at 7.00pm


Keith Malcomson is from Northern Ireland. After five years of service in the British Army, he left and entered full time ministry at the age of 21, first as a street preacher, then as a travelling evangelist as well as in overseeing a local church in Scotland for several years. After this in 2001 he stepped out in a teaching ministry travelling to different countries and in running an annual Summer Bible School for international students in Ireland, which he still does. He has authored several books including Sober Saints (Should Christians Drink Alcohol), and The Scarlet Woman (on Bible prophecy specifically Revelation 17). One of his great loves is Church History as well as World History. He is presently pastoring the Limerick City Church in Ireland which he pioneered with his wife Candace in 2013. This church has been built mostly out of new converts who are almost all first-generation Christians within their families. His great burden and passion are for a genuine biblical revival in the Body of Christ and a restoration of biblical truth and order. 


Subject: "Recent Discoveries In Science Can Be Explained In The Bible."

Jay Seegert (Meeting on ZOOM)

Saturday, 04th September 2021 at 7:30pm


Jay is an international speaker and author of Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict? He is the Managing Director & Keynote speaker for The Starting Point Project and holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology. Jay serves on the Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates and is the Representative Speaker for Ratio Christi. He was the former Adjunct Speaker for Creation Ministries International and the Former President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee. Jay has been speaking on the authority of Scripture for 32 years.