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Subject: "The Shaping of the Future"

Graham Bridger (Meeting on ZOOM)

Friday, 3rd December 2021 at 7.00pm


Graham Bridger lives with his wife and autistic son in Essex. In February 1988, whilst in two different parts of the world, they both experienced a kind of Damascus Road conversion to Christ, on the same day and hour. Shortly afterwards, God spoke in dreams about world turmoil and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Following the global debt crisis of 2008 and a long career in banking and as a UK financial investment advisor and company director of his own businesses, Graham witnessed the developing turmoil in economic, political, technological, and ecological world events. This brought an acute awareness of the unprecedented nature of what was taking place and a reminder of the original dreams that set him on a pathway of research into the causes of the disruption, alongside the study of biblical prophecy. In the Bible, Jesus warned us that converging events would increase in number and intensity before He returns. As world-wide confusion increases following the Corona Pandemic and the Climate Change agenda, we are being drawn ever closer by elitists towards what they call 'the fusion of man and machine' with implantable technologies that will change everything we understand about money. The Western church is indeed falling under mass deception and seems paralysed to know how it should progress in such unprecedented times. With more laws being introduced that reject the truth of the Christian gospel, the Western church stands at the crossroads of history.