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Subject: "Who Are the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation? Why Are There Several Jewish References in Chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation?"

Ian Booth (Meeting at Marlow Baptist Church and on ZOOM)

Friday, 13th October 2023 at 7.30pm


Ian is the husband of Jessica and the father of 4 young children. Having studied at Kings Evangelical Divinity School he has been pastoring Faith In Christ Fellowship in Droitwich for the last 2 and a half years, and has had the privileged of teaching God’s word for around 10 years. Ian, in partnership with a few other believers, is working to develop a wider ministry of Bible teaching and discipling.





Subject: "Eternal Security vs Perseverance; Unravelling Some Difficult Verses in 1 John."

Dr Dennis Rokser (Meeting on ZOOM)

Friday, 8th December 2023 at 7:00pm


Dr. Dennis Rokser came to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of 18 through the faithful witness of some friends. Upon later attending Beacon Bible Church in Aurora, Minnesota, he was spiritually fed and grounded in the Word of God through the expository, grace-oriented bible-teaching of Pastor Leonard A. Radtke. Dennis was further prepared for the ministry by attending Appalachian Bible College in Mt Hope, West Virginia, along with additional study from Tyndale Theological Seminary. He also has Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Grace Biblical Seminary. Dennis shares the ministry with his wife, Nancy.

Dr. Rokser had pastored Duluth Bible Church till Septmeber 1, 2022, where he founded the Grace Institute of Biblical Studies (GIBS) which is designed to provide specific teaching and training within the local church for believers who want to be prepared for specialized ministry like the pastorate, youth ministry, missions, etc. In 2000, Dr. Rokser began the Grace Training International Bible Institutes to bring pastoral and teacher training to national pastors and teachers free-of charge. This ministry is presently serving in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Kenya, Zambia, The Gambia, etc. In 2012, Tom Stegall and he co-founded Grace Gospel Press to provide another means of publishing and obtaining grace-oriented, doctrinally sound written materials.

All this is a tribute to God's awesome and amazing grace! In September 1, 2022, Dennis became the senior pastor of Grace & Truth Bible Church of Warner Robins, Georgia where he continues to teach the Word of God verse by verse at least twice a week. His present messages are available at and his past studies can be watched at

He has authored such books as Shall Never Perish Forever, Should Christians Fear Outer Darkness?, How to Interpret 1 John, I'm Saved! Now What?, Salvation in Three Time Zones, along with booklets like I'm Saved But Still Struggling with Sin (Romans 6-8), Faith and Works (An Explanation of James 2), Seven Key Questions about Water Baptism, Let's Preach the Gospel, Planting & Establishing Local Churches by the Book, How Not to Live the Christian Life (A Free Grace Faux Pas), etc. His radio program, "Grace for the Race", can be heard twice a day online at Grace Global Radio.


Subject: "A Study On The Book Of Daniel - How Does It Relate To What Is Happening In Our World Today?" - Part 3

Brandon Holthaus (Meeting on ZOOM)

Friday, 26th January 2024 at 7.00pm


Brandon is married and has three children. He was saved at nineteen after listening to a series of radio messages through the book of Revelation. Brandon was called into the ministry by the Lord, and has been in full-time ministry since 2000. He has had various ministry positions such as Young Adult Pastor, Adult Pastor and Minister of Education. He now serves as Rock Harbor’s Senior Pastor.

Brandon’s call to start Rock Harbor Church was birthed from the scriptures of Revelation 3:7-13 and Matthew 25:14-30. The LORD JESUS opened the door to start a new “remnant” church (Revelation 3:7-13).  On August 28, 2011, Rock Harbor church was born as a “remnant” church in this age of apostasy and continues to proclaim of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, evangelize, disciple, discern the signs of the times, connect dots prophetically and contend for the faith.

Brandon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Columbia University, New York, NY. He also holds both a Master of Arts in Religion degree, (Cum Laude), and a Master of Divinity, (Cum Laude) from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA. Brandon’s areas of emphases include: prophecy, discernment, apologetics, Jewish culture and background and Biblical worldview polemics. Brandon also has weekly prophecy updates, sermons, and other Bible studies on YouTube (Search: Rock Harbor Church Bakersfield) Rumble (Search: RHCBakersfield) and Bitchute.  All audio presentations can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and Pod Bean (Search for: Rock Harbor Church’s The Anchor) and (Search for: Rock Harbor Church or Brandon Holthaus) Brandon is currently a Professor of Eschatology at Summit Bible College in Bakersfield, CA. For more information about Brandon and Rock Harbor Church, visit the church’s website at

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